Appointment of Sue Metz as the IRISS Forum CEO


The IRISS Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Metz as the IRISS Forum CEO.

The IRISS Board of Directors recruited for our CEO position and diligently reviewed all applicants for this important position. After completing the review and interview process, we are pleased to announce to the IRISS leadership & membership the selection of Sue Metz for this important role. In this role, Sue will help our important organization. Specifically, Sue will:

  • Be a strong ambassador and advocate for IRISS, representing our positive image to members, industry and Health Authorities
  • Provide strong leadership and strategic direction towards IRISS’s mission and vision
  • Direct and oversee the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of IRISS’s programs, products and services
  • Direct and oversee fundraising initiatives and business 501c6 administration

Sue has already been a strong leader and advocate for the IRISS forum and is well positioned and motivated to continue to enhance the value and impact of the IRISS forum as the CEO. Sue Metz is the Vice President, Technical, at PAREXEL Consulting and a senior regulatory professional with over 35 years of experience designing software, processes, and services in the life sciences industry. She has been a member of the IRISS IDMP Leadership Team since its inception in 2012, is an active member of the EU IDMP/SPOR Task Force and PMS subgroup as well as an active member of the US TAG ISO/TC 215/WG6. Most recently Sue was Vice President of the IRISS Executive Committee.

Please join us in congratulating and wishing Sue every success in this new role.

IRISS Forum Board of Directors