IRISS publishes the results of readiness surveys for IDMP

The results of two surveys undertaken during August 2016 are published – an industry survey and a vendor survey . Thanks to all the member companies that took part in responding to the surveys.

IRISS is a growing organisation that brings real value in the sharing of information regarding the submission of electronic information to Regulatory Authorities but we are always keen to increase our membership. The more members, the better the information to share. In the IDMP group members get regular, monthly updates from those heavily involved in ISO and regional, particularly at this stage EU, activities. As implementation starts in 2017 (for Referentials and Organisations) we’ll begin to share experience and issues. Other activities will be helping to prepare for the implementation in 2018 of Products and Substances. Surveys, such as the ones published above are regularly undertaken to create useful benchmarking data.

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