IRISS received 501 c-6 designation from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on March 7, 2012. The 501 c-6 designation recognizes IRISS Forum as a pharmaceutical industry trade organization, which provides a mechanism for IRISS to collaborate with other trade organizations within the pharmaceutical industry (ie PhRMA, DIA, RAPS, HL7) as well as global Health Authorities. IRISS represents a neutral forum for industry, vendors, health authorities, consultants, etc. to share information and work towards a standard method of implementing electronic submission specifications and improving interoperability of e-publishing tools, viewing tools, and systems.

IRISS Forum operates through a directorship structure, governed by an executive committee and board of directors.

IRISS Operating Policy dated 08/18/2015

Board of Directors:

Hans van Bruggen (Acting Chair)
David Berglund
Jake Doran
Jim Hanly
John Kiser
Karen Towns

Executive Committee:

President / CEO: Sue Metz
Vice President: Kelly Hnat
Treasurer: Gina Ross

Steering Committee:

Chair: Kelly Hnat (K2 Consulting)
AdPromo Topic Group: Doug Kent (Janssen – J&J Pharma)
CMC Topic Group: Marie Parrish (Glenmark)
EMDS Topic Group: Karin Sailor (SRO)
GSO Topic Group: David Ross (AstraZeneca)
IDMP (XEVMPD) Topic Group: Frits Stulp (Iperion)
Special Project: Harv Martens (Co-founder of IRISS)
Website Liaison: Lenore Palma (Pharmaceutical eConsulting)
Communications Team: Kelly Hnat

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