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We are excited to launch our new IRISS-forum website!

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New IRISS Topic Group: Acquisitions, Mergers & Divestitures (AM&D)
We are very excited to announce a new IRISS Topic Group which will be launched on October 6th named Acquisitions, Mergers & Divestitures (AM&D) led by Doug Kent, Janssen - J&J Pharma. We encourage you to sign up to receive emails for this Topic Group here
2 New IRISS Topic Groups
We are very excited to announce two new IRISS Topic Groups which will be launched in the coming weeks: Digitalization in Regulatory and Electronic Product Information. We encourage you to sign up to receive emails for these Topic Groups here
LinkedIn IRISS Forum Revitalization
LinkedIn provides a social media platform to share information across larger domains beyond the current IRISS Membership. The IRISS-Forum LinkedIn page is used to post notifications for events, webinars, announcements, and networking for followers. IRISS-Forum topic group meeting minutes, dial-in information, and records remain on the IRISS website and are accessible by members only. However, information posted to the LinkedIn IRISS-Forum page may be shared throughout social media.

If you are an IRISS member, and you would like to have an announcement published to the LinkedIn IRISS-Forum page, please send an email to

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